Affective Neuroscience for
Therapists Workshop

with Tony Buckley

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Affective Neuroscience for
Therapists Workshop
Saturday 22nd June 2019 £70
Workshop will be held at Church House
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Based on recent and current neuroscience this workshop will be a lively examination of this exciting field of knowledge and its direct application to the therapeutic relationship.

From Darwin through to Damasio participants will contrast various models of emotion against their own personal and clinical experience whilst learning to expand their own affect array for feeling emotion. Skills and techniques will be offered for processing emotions through in support of therapeutic aims.

The training day will offer valuable insights into the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of emotional, affective processing in the brain/body enhancing understanding which will help counsellors in supporting clients to master the art of self-regulation leading towards improved emotional and behavioural efficacy.

Distinction will be made for therapists to recognise the difference between emotions of trauma versus those of developmental injury. Overall affect and emotion will be considered as biological internal and external communication processes which greatly contribute to homeostasis, relationships, human growth and well-being.

Our facilitator Tony Buckley has extensive experience in the field of trauma including as the Manager of the Counselling and Trauma Service within the Occupational Health Department at Transport for London.

His previous 20-year therapy career experience included supervision, private practice, and counselling management in both a university setting and an adolescent voluntary sector setting.

Originally Gestalt trained, Tony is also a qualified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and is on the teaching faculty of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute USA.

Tony has been teaching internationally for 10 years and is a consultant for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and a workshop facilitator to UK industry on topics including, Stress, Workplace trauma, Resilience, Mindfulness and Wellbeing. He has a particular interest in somatic psychology and has co-written a chapter titled "Healing the Traumatized Organization" in the 2012 Wiley-Blackwell book called International Handbook of Workplace Trauma Support.